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RadonX™  Soil Gas Venting

The First Engineered PVC Soil Gas Venting System

Radon gas is a colourless, odourless gas that occurs naturally from decaying uranium in the soil. Over time, it can seep into a home through cracks and openings in the foundation. If not adequately vented, it can build to concentrations that pose a serious health hazard.

The RadonXTM Soil Gas Venting System from IPEX is Canada’s first PVC radon gas piping system. The product line consists of perforated gas collector and venting pipes, fittings, accessories and solvent cements. Working together as an engineered system, RadonXTM  safely collects and vents soil gas before it enters your home.


Peace of Mind from the Ground UpTM

IPEX offers RadonXTM the first PVC piping solution that is specifically designed, tested and labeled to address the need for collecting and venting soil gas from sub-slab areas to help reduce indoor radon levels. The most common and most effective radon gas reduction method is called sub-slab depressurization. This involves installing a perforated pipe through the foundation floor slab that draws the radon gas from below the home and a vent stack that releases it into the outdoors where it is quickly diluted. The system can also help reduce humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that originate from contaminated soils and groundwater, entering basements through cracks and other openings as radon does.

Focused on low-rise construction, our radon venting solution offers gas collection and vent pipes, fittings, solvent cements and termination accessories that are manufactured to rigorous quality, performance, and dimensional standards.


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Easily Identifiable Markings
To avoid confusion with DWV and FGV and Electrical conduit used in residential construction, RadonXTM has unique and clear product markings and labelling to ensure it is easily identified by contractors, inspectors, and homeowners. In accordance with CGSB/CAN 149.11 and CGSB/CAN 149.12, each length of RadonXTM pipe is also tagged with a warning label.

Improved Airflow
The smooth interior surface and the unique perforation pattern of RadonXTM gas collection pipe enables improved air movement in the sub-slab area, resulting in higher airflow rates in the vent stack.




Tested for Application, Performance and Safety

RadonXTM SGV pipe and fittings have undergone substantial material and performance tests to ensure strict product quality. The strong solvent welded joints of RadonXTM pipe and fittings are tested for gas leakage, torque, and pull-out.

Additional material and system-specific field tests have also been conducted by recognized third party testing companies to ensure performance and safety.


A Radon mitigation system is a life-safety application. Register now for a hands on technical training session with one of our product experts.



Codes and Standards Compliant 

  • The physical dimensions and tolerances of our radon venting pipe and fittings comply with CSA B181.2 and Section 9.13 Soil Gas Ingress of the 2015 National Building Code of Canada.
  • RadonXTM vent pipe and fittings are approved for non-combustible construction, when tested to the CAN/ULC S102.2, as the material achieved a Flame Spread Rating of not greater than 25.
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RadonX™ soil gas venting is a complete Schedule 40 PVC piping system that addresses the need for collection and venting radon gases from low-rise dwellings.


CSA B181.2; ASTM D2665 (Tolerances, Dimensions, Material and Testing Requirements)
ULC S636 (Gas Venting System Performance Tests)
ASTM D2564 (Solvent Cement)
CAN/ULC S102.2 (Flame Spread Rating Not Exceeding 25)

Soil Gas Venting

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