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System 15® PVC DWV

A Cost-Effective System Designed for Low-Rise and Light Commercial Applications

Used in low-rise and light commercial applications, mechanical contractors and engineers are switching to a long-lasting PVC drain, waste and vent (DWV) solution like System 15® PVC DWV pipe and fittings.

System 15® PVC DWV is lighter than its metal counterparts, making it simpler to handle and install. Incredibly durable, it resists corrosion and requires virtually no maintenance, resulting in substantial savings over traditional cast iron and copper options.

The System 15® PVC DWV solution is designed for low-rise and light commercial applications where DWV systems do not run through air plenums.

The System of Choice for Low-Rise and Light Commercial Buildings

The System 15® PVC DWV solution is trusted by builders and contractors for light commercial, industrial and residential use both above and below ground and are engineered to withstand years of uninterrupted service. Their high impact strength greatly reduces jobsite damage and wastage.

Long-Lasting and Reliable
Made from tough, impact-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), System 15® pipe and fittings won’t rust, pit, scale or degrade, even under continued exposure to moisture, salts, aggressive soils and most acids. Additionally, interior and exterior walls remain smooth, ensuring years of reliable, maintenance-free flow.

System 15 PVC DWV range of products

Available in a Broad Range of Sizes
CSA certified in sizes from 1-1/2″ to 24″ in diameter. IPEX offers the most extensive PVC DWV package available in Canada.

Simple Joining and Direct Burial
Solvent welding eliminates the need for cumbersome tools and the hazards of torches on site.  Suitable for both above and below-grade applications, use of System 15® also removes the requirement to transition to other pipe materials at grade level.

An Integrated Solution for Noncombustible Buildings

System 15® is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation — even in confined or awkward wall spaces — fast and easy. There’s no need for special hoisting equipment or extra manpower.

The system meets all code requirements for noncombustible buildings and offers rugged reliability with all the added benefits of PVC. When tested to the CAN/ULC S102.2 Standard, System 15® PVC DWV pipe and fittings also achieved a flame spread rating of not greater than 25.

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1 ½” to 24″ (40 mm – 600 mm)

CSA B181.2
CAN/ULC S102.2

Drain Waste and Vent Piping in:
Light Commercial
Above ground or underground
(System 15 is not approved for use in air plenums)

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