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MJ GreyTM Mechanical Couplings

A High-Performance Alternative Joining Method for System 15® & System XFR®

MJ GreyTM offers installers a reliable joining method for System 15® and System XFR®. On large diameter joints, mechanical joint couplings are a great alternative to solvent-welding for colder weather conditions, difficult Installations areas, or sections in need of repairs, or tie-ins.

MJ GreyTM mechanical joint couplings are available in 1-1/2″ through 18″ sizes and feature the signature grey rubber lining to indicate their use for IPEX System 15® or System XFR® DWV Pipe and Fittings families.



A Broad Range of Applications
MJ GreyTM DWV Mechanical Couplings can be used with drain waste and vent (DWV) PVC piping for plenums, high buildings, commercial, industrial and residential buildings, both above and below ground.

Faster Installation
When used with System 15® or System XFR® pipe and fittings, MJ GreyTM Mechanical Couplings simplify work when you need to make an installation adjustment.

The MJ GreyTM mechanical joint coupling can also be used to accommodate small degrees of misalignment during installation.


Couplings Designed Specifically for PVC DWV Pipe and Fittings

MJ GreyTM joint couplings are a mechanical joint assembly available in a range of sizes from 1-1/2″ to 18″ in diameter. They are designed specifically for PVC DWV pipe and are:

  • Certified to CSA B602
  • Compliant to ULC 102.2 Standard
  • Exhibit a flame smoke rating of 25/50
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Learn More About MJ GreyTM DWV Mechanical Coupling

Our resources section covers everything you need to know about MJ GreyTM DWV Mechanical Couplings.  Check out our top resources below:




MJ Grey Couplings are a mechanical joint assembly suitable only for use with System 15®or System XFR®.


1 ½” to 18″ (40 mm – 450 mm)

CSA B602
CAN/ULC 102.2

High Buildings
Above ground or underground

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