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Drain-Way® ABS DWV

A Plumbing Drain System Offering Durability, Simple Installation and Lasting Value

Builders and contractors across Canada trust Drain-Way® ABS Drain-Waste-Vent pipe and fittings for use in single family homes, multiplex residential buildings and general wood-frame construction.

The pipe and fittings can be used both above ground and underground and are made in Schedule 40 pipe dimensions in either solid wall or cell core composition.  A broad range of pipe and fittings are available in nominal sizes from 1¼” to 6″ (32mm to 150mm) for complete system installations.

A Durable ABS Pipe You Can Rely On

Drain-Way® ABS DWV pipe delivers incredible durability, and its high-impact strength and overall toughness translate into years of maintenance-free service.

Years of Maintenance-Free Service

ABS will not rust, pit or degrade when exposed to moisture and is extremely resilient and durable. This lightweight ABS DWV pipe offers easy and quick installation without specialized equipment, even in confined spaces.

A Complete Line of Fittings Accompanied With Installation Support

IPEX manufactures a complete line of ABS DWV pipe and fittings, guaranteeing integrity throughout the plumbing system. With our knowledge of national and provincial building code requirements, we can provide our customers with comprehensive information regarding installation procedures for a broad range of applications.

Code Compliant Drain-Way® ABS DWV System

Drain-Way® ABS DWV Schedule 40 Solid Wall pipe and fittings and have been third-party certified to CSA B181.1 while ABS Schedule 40 Cell Core pipe is certified to ASTM F628, both ensuring a consistent quality product with reliable long-term performance.

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Learn More About the Drain-Way® ABS DWV System

Our resources section covers everything you need to know about Drain-Way® ABS-DWS Pipe. Check out top resources below:



Thermoplastic Resin: acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)

1¼” to 6″ (32mm to 150mm)

CSA B181.1 (ABS Solid Wall)
ASTM F628 (ABS Cell Core)

Drain Waste and Vent Piping for:
Single Family Homes
Multi-Plex Residential
General Wood Frame Buildings

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