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Drain-GuardTM Double Containment DWV

High-performance drainage pipe for critical areas

Drain-GuardTM double containment Drain-Waste-and-Vent (DWV) Systems for non-combustible buildings provide safe transport of sanitary or storm drainage. Should a leak occur, people, equipment and valuable property will be protected from possible harm by this highly-engineered containment system.

This tough wearing drainage pipe provides the secure environment necessary for piping in vital areas of a wide variety of buildings, including hospitals, museums, historical sites, libraries, art galleries, theatres, data centres, restaurants, and arenas.


Setting a New Standard in Drainage Piping

Drain-GuardTM is a double containment piping system using System 15® and or System XFR® as its primary components.

Drain-GuardTM double wall solvent weld joints set a new industry standard for joint tightness in a DWV application. Carrier pipes come in 1-1/2″ to 8″ sizes while containment pipes come in 4″ to 12″ sizes, with larger pipe sizes available on request.


Lower Potential for Condensation
The excellent insulative properties of System 15® and System XFR® are enhanced with a secondary pipe and air barrier. Condensation potential is greatly reduced.

Excellent Flame & Smoke Resistance
Drain-GuardTM is listed to the CAN/ULC S102.2 Standard with a flame spread rating of not greater than 25 and a smoke developed classification of not greater than 50. Drain-GuardTM pipe and fitting components are third-party certified to CSA B181.2.

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Depending on the application, Drain-Guard is a double containment piping system using System 15 and/or System XFR as its primary components.


Carrier: 1-1/2″” to 8″” (40mm – 200mm)
Containment: 4″” to 12″” (100mm – 300mm
(Larger sizes are available upon request.)

CSA B181.2
CAN/ULC S102.2

Healthcare/Hospital Use
Historical Sites
Museums and Libraries
High-Tech and Data Storage Environments (Network and Server Rooms etc.)
Theatres, Restaurants (Public Areas)
Residential Buildings
Laboratory Applications

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