Blue904® SDR9 PEX (CTS)

IPEX water service tubing


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Blue904® SDR9 PEX (CTS) Water Service Line Tubing

Corrosion Resistant and Long-Lasting

Blue904® is fully certified, lightweight, and flexible PEX water service tubing. Installation friendly, Blue904® will resist corrosion, maximizing water flow over the lifetime of the system. Made with a copper tube size (CTS) OD (SDR 9), Blue904® works with standard compression fittings and is available in ¾” – 2” sizes.

IPEX water service tubing is easy to handle and install with no special tools required. It also delivers a cost-effective alternative to copper tubing for water service lines that connect municipal watermains to buildings.


Blue904 with brass fitting

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The Leading Alternative to Copper Tubing

  • As copper prices continue to increase, cities and municipalities across North America are turning to more cost-efficient materials for their water service lines. Blue904® water service line tubing is the clear answer
  • Blue904® will resist the effects of chlorine and scaling and will not corrode in soil. It is also freeze-resistant due to its low thermal conductivity when compared to copper tubing
  • Unlike copper tubing, PEX tubing has no scrap value, eliminating the threat of jobsite theft common with copper. As a result, no special storage precautions are necessary
  • Blue904® is available in 100 ft and 300 ft coils and is packaged in boxes for UV protection and portability. Each coil has footage markings to assist during installation and is identified with product name, size, certifications and manufacturing date


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Long-Lasting PEX Water Service Tubing

Blue904® is pressure rated for 160 psi @ 23°C (73.4°F), 100 psi @ 82°C (180°F) and 80 psi @ 93°C (200°F).
IPEX water service tubing also meets the following certifications

  • CSA B137.5 certified
  • AWWA C904
  • ASTM F876
  • ASTM F877
  • ASTM F2023
  • NSF Std. 14 certified
  • NSF Std. 61 certified
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Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing

3/4 – 2″ (20 – 50 mm)

160 psi @ 73.4ºF (1100 kPa @ 23ºC)
100 psi @ 180ºF (690 kPa @ 82ºC)
80 psi @ 200ºF (550 kPa @ 93ºC)

CSA B137.5 certified
ASTM F876, ASTM F877,
ASTM F2023
NSF Std. 14 certified
NSF Std. 61 certified

Water Service Tubing
Municipal Water Mains

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