LifeSaver® Manhole & Catch Basin Adjustment Systems

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Made of tough, durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) proven to outperform concrete

Our high-impact, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) adjustment units are designed to bring manhole and catch basin castings up to the exact height of the asphalt or concrete surface of a roadway.

Lifesaver® units cushion the impact loads between the cast iron casting and the concrete manhole or catch basin structure, while eliminating infiltration and undermining, extending the life of the surrounding roadway.

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Proven in The Field to Outperform and Outlast Traditional Concrete

  • With Lifesaver® manhole and catch basin adjustment frames, municipalities and contractors across North America are dramatically reducing construction and restoration costs, while improving the performance and durability of their manhole and catch basin structures
  • No more field mixing mortar. With Lifesaver® you can reduce overhead by eliminating your concrete mixer, trailers of sand, mortar mix and water supply – and eliminate inconsistent mixes from batch to batch
  • Costly restoration from the settlement and break up of road surfaces around castings and manhole rings is a thing of the past. No more migration of fine soils through deteriorated mortar and concrete rings. Lifesaver® rings are designed and tested to withstand standard H-20 and HS-25 loads
  • The Lifesaver® system includes both flat and slope rings to allow precise adjustment to grade. And, unlike concrete, Lifesaver® rings are impervious to corrosion from Hydrogen Sulphide gas (H2S), common in sanitary sewers
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Capable of Handling High Static Loads of More Than 50,000 lbs

Unlike heavy concrete sewer components, labour-saving Lifesaver® manhole rings and catch basin frames weigh a mere six pounds, so they’re extremely easy to carry and handle. What’s more, their consistent shape and durable, warp-free construction make installation precisely to grade a snap.

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LifeSaver® Manhole & Catch Basin Adjustment Systems are corrosion-resistant support structures for manholes and catch basins. They are installed over existing concrete

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

24″ – 30″
NOTE: Additional sizes may be available upon request. For details, please, contact your local IPEX representative

ASTM D4976

Grade adjustments for manholes, as well as electrical, telephone and other utility vaults
High Traffic Areas

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