Ultra-X2® Dual Wall PVC Profile Pipe

non-pressure drainage pipe


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Taking the Benefits of PVC Profile Pipe Up To 900mm

The need for tight joints and reliable structural performance in storm water systems was one of the driving forces in the development of PVC profile pipe.

As a result, IPEX’s Ultra Rib® has become the standard for storm water systems up to 600mm due to its ease of installation, reliable performance and resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Our Ultra-X2® is a new dual wall PVC non-pressure drainage pipe that delivers the benefits of PVC profile pipe up to 900mm for applications like storm drainage, sanitary drainage, highway and culvert and gravity industrial lines.

Product Details

Large Diameter PVC Profile Pipe for the Toughest Conditions

  • Ultra-X2® has extremely tight joints. Even though it is designed as a non-pressure drainage pipe, its joints can withstand hydrostatic pressure of 15 psi. This allows it to perform even in the toughest conditions – surcharged sewers or high groundwater conditions
  • Ultra-X2® is tough yet lightweight. The corrugated construction reduces pipe weight while maintaining a 46 psi ring stiffness
  • Because of the smooth inside wall of Ultra-X2®, a Manning’s number of 0.009 can be used when designing systems using Ultra-X2® pipe. This compares with a Manning’s number of up to 0.023 for other materials like clay or concrete
  • PVC is virtually immune to chemical attacks from any type of sewage. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which causes millions of dollars in damage to concrete and metal infrastructure, will not affect Ultra-X2®


Meeting the Most Demanding Standards

Ultra-X2® is manufactured in 750mm and 900mm sizes, meets ASTM F794 standards and is certified to CSA B182.4. It has a minimum ring stiffness of 320 kPa (46 psi) when tested in accordance with ASTM D2412. Its smooth interior surface means that an “n” value of 0.009 can be used with hydraulic calculations using the Manning Formula.



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Product Details


IPEX Ultra-X2 PVC Pipe is available in sizes 750mm and 900mm (30″ & 36″).


Ultra-X2 PVC Pipe shall be made of PVC compound having a cell classification of 12454B as defined in ASTM D1784.


Ultra-X2 PVC pipe and fittings shall be certified to CSA B182.4 “Profile PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings”, and shall meet the requirements of ASTM F794 “Standard Specification for Poly (Vinyl chloride) (PVC) Profile Gravity Sanitary Pipe and Fittings Based on Controlled Inside Diameter”.


Pipe stiffness must be 320 kPa (46 lbs/in of sample length per inch of deflection) at 5% vertical deflection when tested according to ASTM D2412.


Assembly of Ultra-X2 pipe shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions using only IPEX PVC pipe lubricant. Substitute lubricants shall not be used. IPEX lubricant shall be applied to the inside of the bell to be joined, to a uniform thickness for a distance inside the bell equivalent to three corrugated profiles from the outside edge.


Pipe shall be colour-coded green.


Dual-wall PVC pipe

30” and 36″ (750 mm and 900 mm)

CSA B182.4

Sanitary and Storm Drainage
Highway / Culvert
Gravity Industrial Lines

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