Solvent Weld Sewer Fittings

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Made from Chemical and Corrosion Resistant PVC

Solvent weld sewer fittings are typically installed in municipal sanitary and drainage systems and are as solid and reliable as PVC solvent weld sewer pipe.

They provide a quick way to fuse pipe and offer a strong, long-lasting seal. Our fittings are made from superior quality PVC and are unaffected by sewer gases, sulfuric acid, or aggressive soil conditions.

Solvent weld sewer fittings group shot on white background

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A Full Range of Fittings

  • Solvent weld sewer fittings resist damage specifically aggressive soil conditions as well as provides superior chemical resistance
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Third-Party Certified

IPEX BDS fittings, made to SDR35 wall, are third-party certified to CSA 182.2 and BNQ 3624-130 and conform to ASTM D2729

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PVC Fittings

Injection Molded Fittings: 3 – 8” (75 – 200 mm)
Fabricated SDR35 Solvent Weld Fittings: 8 – 24” (200 – 600 mm)

ASTM D3034
B182.1 B182.2

Gravity Flow Sanitary Sewers
Storm Sewers
Sewer Laterals

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