Ring-Tite® / Enviro-Tite® SDR 35 & 28 PVC Pipe (PSM)



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Municipal Sewer Piping Systems Made with High-Strength PVC Compound

Ring-Tite® and Enviro-Tite® piping systems are SDR 35 and SDR 28 sewer pipes manufactured to demanding ASTM and CSA standards.

Enviro-Tite®, available only in Canada, has a minimum recycled material content of 50%. This sustainable pipe system is made from an innovative co-extrusion process, allowing for 50% use of high-quality reprocessed PVC while increasing product performance, making it one of the most environmentally friendly sewer pipes available.

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Sewer Pipes that Deliver Superior Performance

  • Designed for various municipal applications, Ring-Tite® and Enviro-Tite® systems are made with a high-strength, high-impact PVC compound and offer advanced protection from cracking, leaking, corrosion and other threats that can compromise the integrity of municipal sewer systems
  • Ring-Tite® and Enviro-Tite® systems are immune to corrosion from aggressive soils and galvanic action. In addition, H2S and other aggressive chemicals common in sanitary sewage have no effect
  • Eliminate infiltration and exfiltration. Ring-Tite® and Enviro-Tite® joints easily outperform concrete and corrugated PE joints
  • IPEX’s PVC pipe and fittings are manufactured with smooth inner walls and provide systems with a Manning coefficient of 0.009, allowing for use of smaller diameters of pipe when compared to rough walled pipe


Certified to Exacting Standards

Ring-Tite® and Enviro-Tite® systems are made of PVC SDR 35 pipe and are compliant with ASTM D3034 or ASTM F1760 and third-party certified to CSA B182.2.

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Product Details


Main line sewers will be PVC DR35 sewer pipe and shall be in compliance with ASTM D3034 or ASTM F1760 and third-party certified to CSA B182.2. Sewer laterals will be PVC DR28 sewer pipe and shall be third-party certified by CSA as above.


Sealing gaskets must meet the requirements of ASTM D3034 or ASTM F1760 or CSA B182.2. In addition, the pipe joints must be able to withstand a minimum hydrostatic pressure of 50 psi (345 kPa) without leakage.


The minimum ring stiffness shall be 46 psi (320 kPa) for DR35 pipe and 90 psi (625 kPa) for DR 28. This stiffness will be determined using the test methods prescribed by ASTM D3034 and ASTM F1760.


Injection-moulded gasketed PVC fittings shall meet the requirements of ASTM D3034 and ASTM F1336 and shall be certified to CSA B182.1 or CSA B182.2. Fabricated fittings must conform to ASTM F1336 and CSA B182.2.


PVC plastic sewer main (PSM) pipe

SDR35, PC 46 psi (320 kPa): 4 – 60″” (100 – 1500 mm)
SDR28, PC 90 psi (625 kPa): 4 – 6” (100 – 150 mm)

CSA B182.2 certified
ASTM D1760
ASTM D3034
BNQ NQ 3624-130 & 3624-135*


Sanitary Sewer
Storm Sewer
Industrial Effluent

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