IPEX Fusible Fused Joint PVC Pipe (CIOD & IPSOD)

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Go Trenchless with PVC

IPEX Fusible BruteTM and Fusible Series PVC pipesTM combine the mechanical properties of PVC with a patented butt fusion process to deliver a piping system of unparalleled strength.

These fused joint PVC pipes also provide the only method of installing a continuous, monolithic, fully restrained PVC pipe system.

Suitable for a variety of trenchless or conventional direct bury applications, Fusible PVCTM pipe systems have been installed at many sites throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for both pressure and non-pressure installations in the water and sewer industries.

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Consistent and Reliable Fusible Pipe

  • The proprietary PVC patented fusion process as well as our licensing and training program allow for the consistent, reliable fusion of Fusible Brute and Fusible Series pipes to create piping systems of unparalleled strength
  • The reduced wall thickness of our fused joint PVC pipe relative to HDPE yields more flow and requires less material for a given pressure class
  • The lighter weight and reduced OD dimensions of IPEX FusibleTM Fused Joint PVC Pipes help reduce overall installation costs
  • The abrasion and scratch-resistant properties of IPEX FusibleTM fused joint PVC pipes mean reduced maintenance is needed over the lifetime of the system
Fusible pipe being fused


A Piping System of Unparalleled Strength

IPEX FusibleTM Fused Joint PVC Pipe meets the following standards

  •  CSA B137.3 certified
  • AWWA C900
  • NSF Std. 61 certified
  • BNQ NQ 3624-250*

With PVC’s proven long service life, Fusible BruteTM (CIOD) and Fusible Series (IPS) pipes are available in sizes ranging from 100mm (4”) to 900mm (36”) with larger sizes in development.


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Product Details


Fusible PVC pipe shall be certified to CSA B137.3 and NSF61, and conform to AWWA C900. Testing shall be in accordance with CSA B137.3 and AWWA standards for all pipe types.


The PVC Fusion contractor must be identified in the tender documents and the Fusion Technician shall be fully qualified by IPEX to fuse Fusible PVC pipe of the type(s) and size(s) being used. Qualification shall be current as of the actual date of the tender and of fusion on the project.


Made from sections of PVC pipe certified to the standards listed

Fusible Series (IPS)
DR 21 – 200 psi
DR 26 – 160 psi

Fusible Brute (CIOD)
DR 14 – 305 psi
DR 18 – 235 psi
DR 25 – 165 psi

CSA B137.3 Certified

Potable Water Piping
Sewer Force Mains
Reclaimed Water Piping
Golf Course Irrigation Piping
Other Irrigation Piping

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