Philmac® 3G™ Compression Fittings


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Philmac® 3GTM Compression Fittings

The Next Generation of Water Line Compression Fittings

Based on 25 years of fitting experience, 3G is our most innovative and revolutionary fitting yet. It represents the culmination of years of development and engineering, cutting-edge manufacturing technology and rigorous performance testing. To create a truly advanced next generation fitting, every detail was questioned — from fitting design to material. The end result is a plastic fitting that’s strong, easy to install and long-lasting, all at a cost lower than that of brass fittings and providing a quality superior to metal insert fittings.

Our unique Slide & TightenTM technology creates a perfect seal on Philmac® CTSOD fittings, regardless of condition. Philmac® ID series fittings connect to all types of ID PE pipe, eliminating the need for additional dedicated fittings.

This innovative compression fitting is strong, simple to install and offers a quality that outperforms metal insert fittings. Philmac® 3GTM is available in two preassembled fittings (CTSOD and ID Series) for all sizes, as well as an easy-to-use adaptor kits.

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Made from Advanced High-Performing Materials

Philmac® 3GTM fittings use an advanced high-performance polypropylene that is UV, impact and corrosion-resistant and tough enough to withstand 50+ years of continuous service. Products are proven to be the go-to fitting solution for a number of applications, from residential water service and irrigation systems to rural water service and irrigation.

Thanks to their durability and easy disassembly, Philmac® 3GTM Compression Fittings are the ideal choice for plumbers and contractors.

Faster Installation, Strength, and Versatility

Engineered with a unique mechanical turn and lock design and a comfortable ergonomic grip, Philmac® 3GTM compression fittings enable faster and simpler installation than brass or metal insert fittings.

  • Turn to tighten design
  • Compact ergonomic grip
  • Dynamic compression sealing
  • Made from advanced high performance polypropylene
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Stronger, More Reliable Connections

Philmac® dynamic compression sealing provides higher pull-out resistance than brass or metal. CSA and NSF approved, Philmac® offers strong and reliable performance.

Adaptable For Use With Other Material Types 

With the addition of a simple adaptor kit, Philmac® 3GTM CTS fittings can be easily converted to work with IPSOD, Composite or even Copper pipe.

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Advanced high-performance polypropylene

1/2″ – 2″ (12mm – 50mm)

Rated at 200psi @ 73°F, and must be de-rated at higher temperatures

CSA B137.1
NSF-PW potable water certification

Water Service Coupling
Residential Water Service
Residential Irrigation Systems
Cottage Country Water Service
Rural Irrigation

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