Plenumline™ Mechanical Joint

Plenumline™ Mechanical Joint


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Designed for challenging conditions

IPEX Plenumline™ is a robust acid waste system made from flame-retardant polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PlenumlineTM mechanical joint acid waste systems easily displace costly and difficult-to-install glass and metal systems with a time-proven mechanical joint system.

product overview

The PlenumlineTM mechanical-joint system is the preferred solution for virtually all chemical waste return air plenum applications. The material used in the manufacturing of PlenumlineTM pipe and fittings complies with the material requirements of ASTM D3222 Standard Specification for Unmodified Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Molding Extrusion and Coating materials. Commonly used in applications such as:

features & benefits 

  • Replace time-consuming methods with rapid installation and trouble-free service
  • Listed to E84 for plenum applications
  • Manufactured from flame-retardant PVDF
  • All-plastic construction eliminates galvanic action, electrolysis, and corrosion in the joint


The specification section covers the details you need for your project.

  • Schedule 40 (1 1⁄2” to 4” sizes)

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Pipe and fittings shall be made from Kynar 740-02, flame retardant PVDF conforming to ASTM F 1673, with a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 60, Resin must have a vertical burn rating of 94 V-0. Kynar 740-02 resin-based on testing to ASTM E84 (UL 723) must have surface burning characteristics greater than or equal to a flame spread 5 and smoke development 35.

Fittings shall be third-party certified to ASTM F 1673 and ASTM E84, and IAPMO approved, be of all plastic construction and a tapered elastic retaining ring shall be designed to lock into a machined groove on the mating piping. All fittings shall have integrally molded union connections. No metallic grab rings or clamps shall be allowed. Fittings shall be Plenumline™ or approved equal.

Installation and testing shall be in accordance with the contract drawings, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the local plumbing codes. Testing with compressed air, including air boosters over water, is prohibited.

The entire system shall be installed free of stress and in proper alignment. Horizontal supports shall provide a wide bearing area and be free of burrs or sharp edges. Support spacings shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and local plumbing codes.

Vertical piping shall have riser clamps on each floor. Pipe supports shall be installed so that horizontal piping is in uniform alignment and with a uniform slope of at least 1/8″ per foot, or in accordance with the local plumbing code requirements.

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