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Solutions for Industrial Piping Systems

IPEX offers pipe, valve, and fitting (PVF) products that are engineered to satisfy the demands of the harshest industrial applications. Our products are suitable for many industrial applications whether it be aggressive acids conveyance, specialist drainage, or auxiliary services requirements, our piping systems can easily overcome some of the problems associated with more traditional materials. The IPEX Industrial piping solutions offer superior chemical resistance, easier installation, longer plant life, and cost-effectiveness whether from original installation or maintenance.

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Benefits of Thermoplastics

  • Strong chemical resistance internally and externally
  • Effectively handle fluids as cold as -40°F and as hot as 248°F
  • Resistant to corrosion and buildup
  • Easier to install and repair since they weigh less than metal and don’t require special installation training or tools
  • Readily available and easy to replace or repair
  • Operating pressures up to 250psi

Benefits of Piping Safety

  • Durability is built into a system but also fail-safe protection for the unexpected.
  • An industrial piping system that meets or exceeds requirements and protects the environment, people, and property is the responsible choice.
  • Double-contained pipes are installed to satisfy federal EPA requirements for protecting groundwater from potentially hazardous substances.
  • Double-contained systems give owners increased confidence in their infrastructure while reducing the risk of costly remediation.

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Whether you are new to thermoplastic solutions or a long-standing customer, your local Customer Service and in-field Technical Sales Representatives provide the support you need. It's this service that distinguishes IPEX in the marketplace.

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