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Trenchless Raceway for Electrical and Telecommunication Cables

SceptaCon™ PVC systems are designed for the rigors of trenchless applications. It links seamlessly to existing PVC conduit infrastructure and allows utilities to standardize on PVC throughout their entire electrical system

SceptaCon is made to the same high standards as our Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit, contractors and electrical utilities can be assured of the same level of quality – above ground and below. SceptaCon delivers the performance, reliability and long life

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Product details

The SceptaCon Joint

Featuring slide-in spline locking system. SceptaCon is available in a wide range of sizes and lengths to fit the needs of any HDD project. Every length is delivered with protective plugs in either end of the pipe to keep the conduit free of dirt and debris during shipping and job site handling

SceptaCon Trenchless Installation


Wide Range of Applications

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE AREAS: Projects using SceptaCon require no open-trenching, therefore are less invasive and disruptive to environmentally sensitive areas such as parks and conservation areas
  • ROAD & HIGHWAY CROSSINGS SceptaCon is ideal for short drilling projects where existing structures – such as busy highways, roads and intersections – cannot be disturbed
  • HISTORICAL LANDMARKS Requiring less workspace and causing little interruption to surface traffic, SceptaCon jobs are perfect for sensitive historical sites
  • URBAN AREAS Because SceptaCon can be assembled a piece at a time before entering the borehole, SceptaCon projects take up less space in cramped urban areas


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Product Details


Installation of conduit in defined areas (such as environmentally sensitive areas, existing roadways and high traffic pedestrian areas) shall be accomplished using trenchless horizontal directional drilling methods.


The trenchless raceway system shall be manufactured of schedule 40 PVC and to PVC conduit specifications providing for a seamless transition to rigid nonmetallic conduit, duct or other approved conduit systems. Each length of conduit shall be supplied with end caps, a locking spline, a factory installed pre-lubricated o-ring seal and a positive stop alignment ring. Each length shall incorporate dimensionally precise machined grooves (internal on the bell and external on the spigot) whereby the connection of the raceway lengths creates a cavity for the locking spline. The bell end of each length shall have a label affixed by the manufacturer that provides installation instructions while clearly identifying and protecting the spline insertion opening.

Acceptable manufacturers are: SceptaCon Trenchless Raceway by IPEX.


The Trenchless Raceway System shall be third party certified to UL651 and CSA C22.2 No.211.2.


SceptaCon is made for fast installation, creating a water-tight seal in seconds with no special fusion equipment or training needed. SceptaCon is manufactured to UL651 and CSA C22.2 no. 211.2 standards and meets all testing requirements of Rigid PVC Conduit (PVC).

SceptaCon’s rated bend radius is sixty five (65) feet

Rated Pulling Force

2″ – 3,000 lbs 4 ” – 8,700 lbs

3″ – 7,000 lbs 5 ” – 11,300 lbs 6 ” – 14,000 lbs

SceptaCon’s water tightness using the joint immersion test

– 80psi pressure without a bending force applied

– 80psi pressure when subjected to a 65 foot bend radius


Schedule 40 Rigid PVC for strength and durability

2” – 6” (53 mm – 155 mm)
10’ and 20’

Bend Radius:
65 feet
Pulling Force:
2” – 3,000 lbs
3” – 7,000 lbs
4” – 8,700 lbs
5” – 11,300 lbs
6” – 14,000 lbs
Water Tightness (Joint Immersion Test):
80 psi pressure without a bending force applied
80 psi pressure when subjected to a 65-foot bend radius

CSA C22.2 No.211.2

Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Historical Landmark
Road and Highway Crossings
Urban Areas
Traffic Lights

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