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The ideal system for underground duct bank installations

Duct banks deliver and provide a protected passageway for buried electrical or data cables. The cables are housed in PVC conduit and are either directly buried or encased in steel reinforced concrete. This ensures the safety of the lines from temperature changes, corrosion, weather and other hazards.

IPEX provides Monobloc spacers that accommodate the specific dimensions of duct that can be used for both direct burial and encased burial applications. The Monobloc Spacers work as both a base spacer and an intermediate spacer for versatility.

Monobloc DUCT bank installation

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Developed for the ease of use

  • Reinforcing re-bar slots have been incorporated into 15 of the 28 MONOBLOC spacers. These provide better alignment and more uniform distribution of re-bar in a duct bank, making duct bank installation even faster and easier
  • You can choose from 29 different configurations, so the right MONOBLOC spacer is available for virtually any duct installation job
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Duct Spacers Advantages

  • You can lower both material and labour costs with the 4x3x3x3 MONOBLOC base spacer. By reducing concrete requirements one inch in duct bank encasements, this base spacer can save four cubic yards of concrete in a 500- foot long, 30-inch wide duct bank
  • Twenty-six of the 29 different MONOBLOC spacers can be used interchangeably as either a base or intermediate unit
  • Time-consuming calculations involved in determining base and intermediate requirements for interlocking spacers are eliminated. It becomes easy to ensure that the right number of spacers are available at the job site so that work proceeds smoothly
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Supports DB/EB duct in sizes 2 – 5″” (50 – 890 mm)
Range of separation: 1 to 3” (25 – 75 mm)

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