Interlocking Spacers

interlocking spacers

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Underground duct bank support systems

Interlocking spacers offer stability and relieve direct stress on duct materials. Integral holes offering base spacer fastening & stabilization. Molded rebar slots allowing quick & efficient installation of full length rebar.

IPEX’s interlocking spacers provide uniform separation between the rows and columns of conduits and when assembled with conduit create a stable structure for the concrete. Spacers connect quickly and easily by sliding together horizontally and snapping together vertically and provide true customization for any configuration of duct bank. Superior features like the molded rebar slots for efficient drop-in installation of full length rebar and integral holes in base spacers for securing in place save time and effort.

interlocking spacers

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  • Duct spacers are available to support conduit sizes from 2” – 6“ with a range of separation from 1” – 3”, and an 8” size with only 2” of separation
  • Integrated holes offer base spacer fastening as well as stabilization
  • Molded rebar slots allow to quickly and efficiently install full lengths of rebar
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Supports conduit sizes 2 – 6” (50 – 150 mm)
Range of separation: 1 to 3” (25 – 75 mm)

Underground duct banks
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