Sceptalight™ Nonmetallic Light Fixtures

Sceptalight LED

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Sceptalight LED Nonmetallic Light Fixtures

Sceptalight LEDs offer significant energy savings, up to 85% compared to incandescent, and up to 34% compared to fluorescents. Moreover, Sceptalight LEDs can last beyond 50,000 hours without a single need for maintenance

Constructed of very strong and durable materials, the polycarbonate globe is impact resistant and is resistant to UV light degradation. The specially designed aluminum heat sink dissipates the heat generated by the LEDs to the exterior environment ensuring long-life and optimal performance in both hot and cold environments

Sceptalight LED group of lights

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Features & Benefits

  • Sceptalight LEDs provide exceptional light quality compared to conventional light sources.
  • Due to their wider spectral distribution, objects lit by Sceptalight LEDs are much more visible and vivid in colour.
Highway tunnel at night


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Product Details

Light fixtures shall be nonmetallic and constructed of 30% glass filled polyester material exhibiting a maximum linear expansion of 1.4×105 in./in./°F. Fixtures shall be assembled with high temperature silicone gaskets, brass inserts and screws.

LED light fixtures shall be third-party certified to CSA 22.2 250.0 and to UL 1598C. LED light fixtures will also be NEMA 4X and IP66 rated for wash-down and corrosive environments. LED light fixtures for hazardous use locations shall be third-party certified to UL 844 for Class I Div 2 and Class II Div 2 hazardous location use.

LED Retrofit Light Engines shall be certified to CSA 22.2 no 250.1 and UL 1598C.

Approved products: Sceptalight LVPE and LVPL series light fixtures manufactured by IPEX Electrical Inc.


Glass-Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyester Resin for ceiling or wall


Wet Location Use
C22.2 No. 250
CSA Listed to UL 1598
Minimum 60°C supply conductors

Hazardous Location Use
CSA C22.2 250, UL1598C, UL 844
CLASS I, DIV 2 Groups A, B, C & D
CLASS II, DIV 2 Groups F & G
Minimum 90ºC supply conductor

Chemical Plant
Food Processing
Highway Tunnel
Mine Tunnels
Walk-in Freezers

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