Thermoplastic Valves Solutions


Thermoplastic Valves Solutions

IPEX thermoplastic valves are part of our complete systems of pipe, valves, and fittings and offer material options such as PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and ABS. This offering makes IPEX’s corrosion-resistant valves ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. The VXE Series True Union Ball Valves are ultra-compact valves and feature a full-port, bi-directional double block design. The FK Series Butterfly Valves offer superior strength as well as excellent chemical resistance needed to operate in corrosive environments often found near flanged connections.


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Quarter Turn Pneumatic / Electric Valve Actuation


Automation is an ideal solution for precise control of many valves in a system, when valves are remotely located, or when the process requires constant monitoring and adjustment.

Pneumatic and electric actuators can be easily fitted on our ball, multi-port, and butterfly valves. Some features and functions include normally closed, normally open, or double-acting operation; corrosion-resistant aluminum bodies, pre-loaded springs, and adjustable cams. Many accessories such as visual position indicators, limit switches, 3 and 4-way solenoids, and positioners are also available.

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Explore Our Product Solutions for your Applications in:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Aquatic Animal Life
  • Pharmaceutical & Semiconductor for Chemicals
  • Plant Water Supply and Distribution Lines
  • … and more

  • Pulp
  • Chemical Recovery Systems
  • Bleach Plant Piping Systems
  • Washwater Piping and Lagoon Systems
  • … and more

  • Brine and Sea Water Distribution in Fish Plants
  • Brine Systems in Meat Packaging Plants
  • Piping for Dairy
  • Canning and Beverage Industries
  • … and more

  • Chlorine Injection Systems
  • Aluminum and Ferric Chloride Handling
  • Piping in Lagoons and Settling Ponds
  • … and more

  • Golf Courses
  • Greenhouses
  • Agriculture
  • … and more

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Whether you are new to thermoplastic solutions or a long-standing customer your local Customer Service and in-field Technical Sales Representatives provide the support you need. It's this service that distinguishes IPEX in the marketplace.

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