Solids Interceptors


Solids Interceptors 2″, 3″ & 4″

The Endura® Solids interceptor offers solutions for small to medium output applications; using the benefits of the Endura® design concept with different internal components to provide proactive prevention of solids-related issues

Available in 2”, 3” & 4” connection sizes and may accommodate flow rates up to 125 GPM.


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Product Details

The management of solids and debris entering the drain – and ultimately the grease interceptor – is equally as important to manage as the grease itself. Large quantities of solids reduce the working volume of the grease interceptor, significantly impairing performance. Additionally, debris entering the drain will increase the risk of blockage at the flow control device which could result in costly clogs and back-ups. 

Features and Benefits (Endura Solids Basket)

• Compatible with full height interceptors 15gpm to 50gpm 

• Easy to remove and maintain 

• Removable dual-screen filtration 

•Integrated lifting handles 

• Enhanced grease interceptor performance

Common Uses

• Food solids • Laundry lint • Hair • Art room waste • Grit and sand


2" Hub Solids InterceptorPart NumberProduct CodeMax Flow Rate
3911A0276309625 GPM
3" Hub Solids InterceptorPart NumberProduct CodeMax Flow Rate
3911A0376346760 GPM
4" Hub Solids InterceptorPart NumberProduct CodeMax Flow Rate
4011A04766163125 GPM
Solids Basket AccessoryPart NumberProduct CodeMax Flow Rate

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