XL Grease Monitor


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XL Grease Monitor

As jurisdictions move towards modernizing local requirements for the management of fats, oils and grease, tools to ensure compliance is becoming increasingly important to the industry.

The Endura® XL Grease Interceptor has a dual-function solution that monitors the status of the unit and alarms when it is time to schedule maintenance. It also safeguards the food service facility by monitoring for high liquid level events, which may signal a blockage and impending back-up.


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Product Details

Features and Benefits

Audible and visual alarm when high liquid level or grease capacity alarm is activated 

• Versatile solution with flexible installation parameters 

• Certified to UL 61010-1 CAN/ CSA-C 22.2 NO. 61010-1-12 

• Compatible with facility management solutions 

•Installation guidelines are included with the product


Endura® XL Grease Monitoring Solution Labkotec GA-2 Grease Interceptor Monitor and Alarm Part Number Product Code 40100MS 766157 GA-2 control unit GA-HLL1 cable joint blockage / high water sensor GA-SG1 grease capacity alarm grease water The Labkotec GA-2 meets the requirements of the Miami-Dade DERM 2.0 Ordinance for applications requiring monitoring solutions. 

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