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Separation Technology Solutions

Endura Separation technologies grease interceptors are used to separate fat, oil, and grease (FOG) from wastewater. IPEX Endura products are thermoplastic Hydromechanical grease interceptors (HGI) designed to improve grease separation efficiency while offering a substantially longer service life with lower maintenance than traditional gravity interceptors. Hydromechanical units are over 90% efficient and can hold substantially more grease than a gravity unit before needing to be emptied. This means they are a considerably smaller footprint allowing for installation in tight spaces or even inside the restaurant or facility.

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Yesterday’s grease interceptors can’t handle today’s demands. Here’s why.

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Endura XL Grease Interceptors hooked up to building

First on 7th, Fort Worth: A New Look for a Legacy Space and Endura® Was There to Help

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