Vortex Flow™ Insert for Odour and Corrosion Control



A Revolutionary Solution for Odour and Corrosion Control

The IPEX Vortex Flow™ Insert (VFI) is a revolutionary technology for eliminating odorous emissions
and minimizing corrosion in vertical sewer drops.

With no moving parts and requiring no maintenance, VFIs have delivered significant cost savings in installations for municipalities across North America.


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Product Details

Winner of the American Public Works Association (APWA) Technical Innovation Award

The VFI’s patented and award-winning spiral flow design eliminates odorous and corrosive gases in a unique way. It uses the wastewater’s own flow energy to suppress the turbulence which releases noxious gases.

The spiral flow creates a downdraft which traps airborne gases and forces air into the sewage flow to oxidize odorous gases. By installing a Vortex Flow™ drop structure, municipalities can save thousands of dollars in monthly chemical feed, air-phase treatment and maintenance costs.

Reduced Corrosion Extends Sewer Life

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emissions from forcemain discharges can eat through a concrete drop manhole. By oxidizing dissolved H2S, a Vortex Flow™ Insert in a municipal sewer drop can significantly reduce concrete and metal corrosion, reducing maintenance costs, extending sewer life and saving the municipality money.

Reduces Odor Treatment Costs

By increasing dissolved oxygen levels in wastewater and oxidizing sulfides and other odorous compounds, the use of a Vortex Flow™ Insert in a drop structure reduces the need for costly chemical injection, high-maintenance biofilters and air scrubbers.

Improves Waste Water Quality

Because a Vortex Flow™ drop structure reduces the odorous and corrosive elements in the flow, a Vortex Flow™ Insert, installed upstream of a treatment plant, can actually improve wastewater quality prior to treatment, reducing treatment costs at sewage plants.

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Built-To-Spec for Any Size

IPEX custom designs and custom builds every Vortex Flow™ Insert. The Vortex drop height can be as little as 5 feet or more than 100 feet tall. Shop drawings are prepared and submitted to the customer, and each phase of the project is tightly controlled to ensure success. Vortex Flow™ Inserts for sewer odour control are sized based on the peak flow that the unit is required to handle frames as little as 0.3MGD to 120MGD. The insert can be installed in a standard manhole without restricting access for maintenance.


The Vortex™ Flow Insert is a vertical structure that uses gravity to direct flow downward in a vortex, diffusing the flow with air. The added oxygen reduces anaerobic conditions that cause odours and corrosion. The Vortex™ Flow Insert is custom-designed to customer specifications in order to fit a variety of systems and applications. Call us at 1-866-473-9462 for more information.

Sewer Chambers and Force Mains
Pumping Station Wet Wells
Steep Grade Sewers
Barometric Loops

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