Blue Brute® PVC Fittings (CIOD)

Blue Brute®


Fittings with a Thicker Bell for Ultimate Toughness and Durability

Blue Brute® fittings are injection molded with a wall thickness up to 125% thicker than DR18 wall thickness, making them even tougher for pressure applications. Molded up to 12”, larger sizes are fabricated.

Our custom-made fabricated fittings are also wrapped with a tough layer of fiberglass for extra protection.

Blue brute molding fitting

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Engineered for Strength

The precise tolerances of Blue Brute® systems ensure tight joints capable of withstanding pressures three times the pressure class of the pipe.

The results are bottle tight joints that keep potable water clean. And the smooth interior surface of Blue Brute® pipe and fittings virtually eliminates build-up from adhering to its surface providing better water quality and flow capacity

Manufacturing Consistency

With ISO 9000 best-in-class manufacturing and quality control processes IPEX provides the most consistent supply of AWWA C907 molded fittings in the market today.

Lightweight and Compact Design

Typically, 50% of the weight of fabricated fittings and metal alternatives, molded PVC fittings from IPEX take less energy to transport and provide more convenience on the jobsite.

Corrosion Resistant

Made of non-corroding PVC, Blue Brute® fittings will not rust or corrode in aggressive soils. Consequently, costly sacrificial anodes and expensive protective coatings commonly used with metal fittings are not required.

Blue brute fitting install


Exceeding the Toughest Industry Standards

At IPEX, we leave nothing to chance, ensuring quality is built-in, instead of simply being
inspected in. From rigorous dimensional, material, burst pressure, fusion and qualification tests, our PVC pressure pipe fittings are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

All Blue Brute® fittings are shipped with standard gaskets that accept cast-iron-sized PVC pipe. Transition gaskets for IPS-sized pipe are an option for all sizes. For applications where fittings must be buried in soil with hydrocarbon contamination, Nitrile gaskets are available.

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Product Details


Fabricated fittings shall be made from segments of AWWA C900 PVC pipe. Segments are bonded together and may be over-wrapped with fibreglass-reinforced polyester. The pressure class must match the pipe. The fittings must meet the requirements of CSA B137.3.


PVC fittings

Bell OD for Joint Restraint Selection
90° Elbow
45° Elbow
22-1/2° Elbow
11-1/4° Elbow
Hammer Tee
Hydrant Tee
Reducing Adapter Spigot x Bell
Single Tapped Coupling
Double Tapped Coupling
Tapped Plug

4” – 16” (100 – 400 mm)

CSA B137.2 Certified
FM 1612 Approved
UL 1285 Listed
NSF Std. 61 Certified
BNQ NQ 3624-250*

Municipal Transmission Mains
Municipal Distribution Mains
Sewer Force Mains
Fire Lines
Industrial Process Lines
Irrigation Piping

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