Scepter® Schedule 40 & 80 PVC Conduit

Rigid PVC conduit


Scepter® schedule 40 FT-4 rated rigid PVC electrical conduit for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether exposed, concealed in walls, encased in concrete, or directly buried, Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit and fittings provide a comprehensive solution for any professional electrician. Compared to metal, PVC products reduce labor on a typical installation by up to two-thirds. PVC is easy to work with, it can also be cut and joined without the usual pipe vices, cutters, threading equipment, and reamers associated with metal conduit.

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A Proud History

At IPEX, we have been extruding Scepter PVC conduit and molding Scepter PVC fittings since 1951. We formulate our own compounds, maintain strict quality control during production, and offer the most comprehensive line of electrical products throughout North America.

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Advantages of Scepter Conduit

  • Fire resistant: IPEX’s proprietary PVC compound used to manufacture Scepter products is a self-extinguishing material and will not support combustion. Samples taken from an actual fire show the outer surface of the conduit was blistered and charred. The interior of the conduit, however, was unaffected. Additionally, the undamaged conductors were then removed and reinstalled in new conduit. Fire-resistant characteristics when tested to CAN ULC S102.2.
  • Nonconducting: Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit pipe and fittings are nonsparking and nonconducting, thereby eliminating the most dangerous ‘second point of contact’ and ‘phase to ground’ faults. The use of a separate grounding conductor in a Scepter PVC conduit system gives a complete and positive ground for the whole system.
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Product Details

All wiring shall be installed in Rigid PVC conduit and secured to PVC boxes and cabinets by means of proper fittings. All boxes, access fittings and covers shall be furnished with threaded brass inserts, brass screws and PVC gaskets. Rigid PVC fittings and junction boxes shall be used for all outlets, pull boxes and junction points. All PVC junction boxes shall be NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 6P, 12 and 13 rated and UL Listed for wet locations.

Exposed conduit shall be securely held in place by suitable hangers or straps with the maximum spacing of points for supports not exceeding those specified in the CEC or NEC. Except when embedded in concrete, rigid conduit pipe shall not be clamped tightly. It shall be supported in such a manner as to permit adequate linear movement, allowing for expansion and contraction of conduit due to temperature change. Where a temperature change exceeding 25°F (14°C) is anticipated, rigid PVC expansion joints shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Proper care shall be taken when field bending, to maintain the internal diameter and wall thickness of the conduit. The contractor shall furnish and install Scepter Rigid PVC conduit pipe and fittings made by IPEX. Where the engineer’s specifications indicate Scepter products or equivalent, the equivalent shall be CSA certified and accepted by the Canadian Electrical Code. Due to broad manufacturing tolerances, all pipe and fitting products shall be of the same manufacturer.



½ – 8″ (12 – 200 mm)

Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit conforms to:
C22.2 No. 211.2, CSA C22.2 No. 211.0
NSF Certified to UL651
Sunlight Resistant
Rated for use with 90°C conductors
Corps. of Engineers Spec. CE 303:01
Military Spec, Federal Spec. WC 1094A

Parking garages
Car washes
Fish plants
Steel mills
Bridges & tunnels
Water treatment plants
Sewage treatment plants
Pulp & paper industries
Street & highway lighting
Food processing plants

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