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Sustainable Processes that reduce our environmental impact

Our commitment to a sustainable future guides our approach to environmentally responsible manufacturing. As a result of continual improvement on energy efficiency, IPEX recently exceeded its 2% annual energy reduction goals, saving 3% across molding plants, 4% across extrusion plants, and 10% across fabrication.

LED lighting in IPEX facilities

IPEX-wide: Next-generation Lighting

LED lighting throughout IPEX operations capitalizes on the most sustainable technology available. Replacing fluorescent lighting with LEDs represents the second wave of lighting upgrades at IPEX, following an overhaul of incandescent lighting in the early 2000s. The first switch from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs cut energy usage to ¼ of previous levels, with the switch to LED adding another 20% energy savings. Importantly, LED bulbs also last much longer – up to 10 times as long as fluorescent bulbs and 25 times as long as incandescent.

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Recycling resin

St. Joseph: Making Pipe with Post-Industrial Scrap

Reclaimed vinyl gets a new life at our St. Joseph plant. Each year we divert 25 million pounds of post-industrial scrap from the landfill, including pieces from old construction projects, scrap from other manufacturers, and home components such as siding, doors, window frames, and flooring. As part of our Enviro-Tite products, these end-of-life scraps are recycled into durable, long-lasting pipes that deliver clean water and sanitation.

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Managing energy consumption through 3D printing

Ontario: Voluntary Energy Curtailment

Controlling energy usage during peak periods supports the local community in building sustainable approaches to energy delivery. Our Ontario plant has invested in rigorous scheduling protocols that reserve any eligible processes for non-peak periods, such as grinding and blending raw materials. This extra planning reduces stress on the local energy grid as part of a collaborative local conservation strategy.

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Filling up a glass with water from kitchen tap POV

London: Water Bottle Filling Stations

Conservation is integral to our approach to all aspects of IPEX operations, including meeting employee's needs for fresh, filtered water. To encourage use of reusable water bottles, we installed water bottle filling stations throughout our London plant. In addition to reducing reliance on single-use plastic, the filling stations symbolize and communicate our commitment to supporting sustainable choices.

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Edmonton Free Cooling Loop

Edmonton: Free Cooling Loop

Canada's cold climate provides an energy savings boost by enabling us to use outdoor air to cool water for chilling processes used in production. This "free cooling loop" has dramatically reduced energy usage for cooling, from a previous 1.5 kilowatts per ton down to as low as 0.1 kilowatts per ton in the winter.

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Train track spur line join L'Assomption facility

L'Assomption: Trail Line Extension

To reduce fuel usage and emissions from transport, our L'Assomption plant funded and organized the extension of a nearby train line to reach right to our facility. This innovation reduced our truck mileage by 236,000 kilometers per year, resulting in significant energy savings and reducing our carbon footprint while enabling greater speed and efficiency.

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