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Silver-Line® PVC Well Casing & Drop Pipe

As well casing contractors know, the quality of piping products used in irrigation systems can determine the success and longevity of the well or environmental system over time.  Silver-Line® PVC Well Casing & Drop Pipe are built to withstand the rigors of a wide variety of well depths and soil or rock conditions. IPEX offers the industry’s only IC-2 rated well casing products.

Systems include slotted well casing products, environmental pipe products, geothermal piping as well as other specialty well casing products.



IPEX well casing and drop pipe are manufactured from a PVC compound with a 12454 cell classification (Type 1, Grade 1). The maximum service temperature for PVC is 140°F (60°C), under pressure.

Well casing is offered in SCH 40, SDR 17, 21, 26 and specialty sizing such as SDR 27.6. The pipe is a bell end, available in 20’ sections and IPEX is the only manufacturer in the industry to have a NSF listed PVC well casing that meets or exceeds the IC-2 rating.

Drop pipe is offered in both SCH 80 and SCH 120 (male threaded, both ends). These products are traditionally used in well and pump applications. All threaded pipe is supplied with a plastic cap on each end to protect the thread until installation.

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Codes & Standards Compliant

  • Well casing pipe is certified to ASTM F480, with impact ratings of IC-0 or IC-2, depending on the DR and size.
  • In addition to being certified to ASTM F480, well casing pipe is also certified to other product standards depending on DR and size (D1785, D2241, D2665)
  • Pipe is made with PVC 1120 (Type 1, Grade 1) resin having a material cell classification of 12454 per ASTM D1784.
  • PVC Drop Pipe is certified to ASTM D1785.
  • Socket dimensions of belled end pipe meet the requirements of ASTM D2672 or F480.
  • Male-Male threaded drop pipe has a pressure rating 50% lower than that of unthreaded pipe.
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Rigid Bell End PVC

Special – SDR 17, SDR 21, SDR 26: 4 ½” (114 mm)
Special – SDR 21, SDR 27.6: 6 1/8” and 6 ¼” (156 mm and 159 mm)
SDR 17: 5 – 6” (127 – 152 mm)
SDR 21: 2 – 10” (51 – 254 mm)
SDR 26: 4 – 6” (102 – 152 mm)
SDR 27.6: 2 – 12” (51 – 305 mm)

ASTM D1785
NSF 14 listed and complies with Standard 61

Well and Pump

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