Philmac® StockPhil Livestock Tank Float Valve

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Philmac® StockPhil Livestock Tank Float Valve

Developed to meet the demanding performance standards of the agricultural sector, the NEW Philmac® Livestock Tank Float Valve controls the water supply delivered to livestock drinking tanks.

It features a unique and compact float valve mechanism, that consistently delivers high flow at both high and low pressures. The valve sits flush with the trough wall and lacks a long lever arm, virtually eliminating the risk of damage caused by stock. A durable and long lasting product, it stands up to the toughest outdoor drink tank environments. Manufactured from engineering grade thermoplastic, it also provides a high level of wear, UV and corrosion protection, and is suited to a wide range of agricultural applications.

Philmac Tank Valve plastic and brass

Multi-position Installation – valves have been designed to work in either a vertical or horizontal position to accommodate a variety of tank/valve orientations.

By connecting the float to the valve control arm using a string, livestock interference with the float has no effect on the operation of the valve so possible damage to the valve is greatly reduced.

The use of a tube over the string prevents it from wrapping around the tank float valve when the water level drops, thus ensuring reliable operation of the valve regardless of the water level. If the valve needs to be disassembled, it can easily be done by removing the lever pivot pin, lever, and plunger.

The new valves are available in acetal plastic in ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” sizes and a brass valve in a ¾” size.

livestock water tank with valve

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact and robust design
  • String float control prevents damage from livestock
  • Ideal for tanks up to 330 US gal. (1500 L)
  • For side, bottom, and overhead water supply inlets
  • Easy above-water float connection and adjustment
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3/4″ Brass
3/4″ Plastic
1″ Plastic
1 1/4″ Plastic

• Agricultural livestock tanks
• For use with cold water connections only

Minimum – 1.5 psi
Maximum – 58 psi (brass) and 43 psi (plastic)

All plastic materials used contain pigments to provide excellent protection against degradation from ultra-violet (UV) radiation.

NOTE: Protect tank float valve from freezing

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