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Monitoring Pipe, Environmental Pipe and Slotted Pipe

Monitoring Pipe is a high-quality Schedule 40 PVC product for use in ground water monitoring. The Environmental Pipe equivalent is a flush-threaded pipe that assembles without the need for solvent cements. When used for ground water monitoring, solvent cements can interfere with measurements. Our Environmental Pipe is designed to eliminate potential issues that can occur with chemicals.

IPEX Slotted Pipe has been developed for use in residential and commercial water wells applications, and a variety of slotting options are available based on location, soil conditions and flow rate requirements. Products are available in numerous sizes and manufactured using the highest quality materials.


PVC pipe used to make Environmental Monitoring Pipe and slotted casing is made with PVC 1120 (Type 1, Grade 1) resin having a material cell classification of 12454 per ASTM D1784.

  • Slotted well casing is made from Schedule 40 and SDR pipe meeting ASTM F480 standards
  • Blade thicknesses range from 0.010” to 0.050”
  • Typical 1/8” or 1/4” spacing between blades

Environmental Monitoring Pipe is made with a flush thread design per ASTM F480 standards. It does not contain any print message markings to ensure cleanliness and prevent contamination.

  • Blade thicknesses range from 0.010” to 0.020”
  • Typical 1/8” or 1/4” spacing between blades

PVC Compound Piping is available in sizes from 2” to 12” for well casing, and in Drop Pipe from – 1” to 2” – 20’ lengths for Schedule 80 or 1” & 1 1/4” – 20’ lengths for Schedule 120.

1” – 6” Sch 40
1” Sch 80

Environmental (Flush-threaded)
2” – 6” Sch 40
1” Sch 80

Slotted Well Casing
2” – 12” Sch 40
4-1/2” – 6” SDR-17
4” – 8” SDR-21
4” – 5” SDR-26


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