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Geothermal Pipe

Polyethylene Pipe for Geothermal Systems

A geothermal heating system is widely-considered the most environmentally sustainable, efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling system on the market.

Our durable and flexible Geo-Stripe® polyethylene pipe is ideal for use in geothermal heating and cooling systems. This unique product is identified by a tri-red stripe on the pipe. Geo-Stripe® utilizes a “pointed” u-bend, allowing the pipe to “pay off” down the geothermal well. U-Bend Loop assemblies are made to order (in any length) for sizes up to and including 1-1/4”. Fittings are permanently fused to the pipe and each coil is pressure tested prior to shipping.


Geothermal Polyethylene Piping System

Lightweight and easy to install, our Geo-Stripe® geothermal pipe is available as an NSF-certified polyethylene piping system for water-based ground-source geothermal heat pump systems.

Made from high density polyethylene resin, geothermal pipe is resistant to decomposition, oxidation, and any other damaging elements that cause weakening of materials. Our polyethylene pipe for geothermal is mechanically and chemically resistant to the conditions that corrode metal piping systems.


Durable, Strong Hydraulic Performance
Polyethylene geothermal pipes have increased lifespan and greater efficiency compared to metal alternatives. PE piping systems offer lower maintenance costs, dependable hydraulic performance and substantial cost-savings over the life of the product.

Easy to Handle
The flexibility of the Geo-Stripe® polyethylene pipe allows for bending during installation, eliminating breakage due to expansion and contraction. The product can also absorb shock water hammer or sudden impact without suffering damage- even in extremely low temperature conditions.

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Polyethylene (PE) 4710

SDR 11 Black, 200 PSI: 3/4″ – 2″

Conforms to ASTM D3350, D3035 Standard for OD pressure rated polyethylene, NSF®-geo, and ANSI / NSF® Standard 358-1 Polyethylene pipe and fittings for water-based ground-source “geothermal” heat pump system.

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