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Gable Vents

Duraflo Gable Vents provide added architectural detail and can be installed on all types of siding. Easy-to-use in a decorative application if a functioning vent is not required. Features a wide trim ring for easy installation along with drip channels and weeping holes designed to prevent condensation and divert water to the front of the siding, eliminating wood rot. The Duraflo Gable Vents are designed with a molded-in screen to prevent wasp nests.

Installed on an exterior, vertical wall to provide attic ventilation, normally positioned in a roof gable. Louvered with a molded grill to protect against infiltration of birds, pests, weather and insects.


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Product Details

Gable Vent (Octagon, Round, Rectangular, Half Moon, Small Rectangular, Cathedral)

  • Wide trim ring and removable template
  • Deep Wood Grain 
  • Molded in Screens
  • Large Flange
  • Level Lines
  • Colour: white

Combined Gable Vents

  • Combined gable vent 
  • Double louvered for increased weather protection 
  • Code regulated insect grill 

Standard Gable Vents

  • Standard gable vent 
  • Louvered to prevent weather infiltration 
  • Code regulated insect grill 

Recessed Gable Vents

  • Recessed gable vent 
  • Louvered to prevent weather infiltration 
  • Code regulated insect grill 

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