XL Sampling Wells


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XL Sampling Wells

Sampling the effluent exiting a grease interceptor system has become a requirement for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) across the country. With varying local codes, engineering details, and methodologies, we offer a turnkey solution.

The code-compliant Endura® Sampling Well offers both convenience and peace of mind to installers, inspectors, and food service establishment (FSE) operators. The Sampling Well will comply with jurisdictions that require the installation of an effluent sampling point downstream from grease 


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Product Details

Features and Benefits

Corrosion-resistant construction 

• Lightweight, easy to transport and install 

• Two products in one, “straight thru” and “Offset” connection options 

• Choice of 6 outlets (allowing 90° directional changes from inlet) and 8” vertical displacement •Integrated 4” and 6” outlet options 

• Lower connections when used promote self-cleaning 

• Bottom profile and multiple connections add stability and flotation resistance 

• Built in fall – ½” across in to out – suits existing installations/ replacement market 

• Cast Iron option is for outdoor application only


The Sampling Well is offered with a choice of 6 outlets allowing for multiple directional changes from the inlet; each inlet and outlet provides for a 4” or 6” connection. Along with an 8” displacement between upper and lower connections for new installations. The sampling well is available with a Traffic S-Rated, a Pedestrian M-Rated for Light Traffic Cover or Cast-Iron Cover.

Endura XL Sampling Wells with 4″ and 6″ Connections

Endura XLPart NumberProduct Code
Endura Sampling Well w/ Traffic
S-Rated Cover
Endura Sampling Well w/
Pedestrian M-Rated Cover
Endura Sampling Well w/ Cast
Iron Cover



Sampling Well should be located as close as possible to the outlet connection of the grease interceptor. A minimum of 15″ – 18″ clearance above the access cover is recommended to accommodate sampling equipment. Always consult local codes and standards for
plumbing requirements.

Select Outlet:

The Endura XL Sampling Well provides a choice of 6 outlets to suit any installation. Select desired outlet and remove internal cap; all other outlets should remain capped off. Only one outlet is to be used per application.

Riser Extensions:

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