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XL Safety Strap

With recurring cases in the industry where a grease interceptor is mistakenly left uncovered after regular maintenance, the XL Safety Strap provides an additional level of protection to the public.

The Safety Strap is an optional attachment to any Endura® XL Interceptor, that may be assembled during new installations or added to any Endura® XL Interceptor currently in operation. Recommended for use in interceptors that are installed in spaces with high pedestrian traffic, or those that are accessible by the public.


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Product Details

Features and Benefits

• Made of durable polypropylene material that resists degradation over time

• Flexible design that allows for proper cleanout during maintenance

• Load tested to comfortably withstand the impact of a human fall

• Installation guidelines are included with the product, with an EN/ES version available for download


The Endura® XL Safety Strap is made of a highly visible and durable polypropylene material that has proven its ability to withstand the highly corrosive chemicals inside of a grease interceptor.  Load tested to over 1000 lbs., the device easily holds up against the impact of a human fall. The Safety Strap can be installed into a new Endura XL interceptor or retrofitted on an Endura XL interceptor that is already in operation. The flexibility of the Safety Strap allows for servicing and inspection of the tank without obstruction, the device can remain installed at all times providing reliable and unbroken protection to the public.

When positioning the safety strap DO NOT cover access to the inlet baffle and sampling port.


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