Floor Sinks, Air Admittance Valve & Plaster Trap


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Floor Sinks, Air Admittance Valve & Plaster Trap

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Product Details

Endura® Plaster Trap
This unit is intended for a wide range of applications whereby gravity, the material is required to be separated from the wastewater flow.  This includes materials such as plaster, clay, sand, sediment, grit and general debris.

Endura® Air Admittance Valve
An Air Admittance Valve (AAV) is a termination device that allows air to enter the drainage system (vent) only during a discharge. Otherwise, it remains closed to prevent the release of foul odors into the living/operational space.
An AAV is used where it is not possible or is cost-prohibitive to make a vent connection into an existing vent line or a penetration to the atmosphere. Check with your local inspector as to the necessary approvals or by-laws for your particular location.

Floor Sinks
A complete line of high-quality, engineered drainage products designed to utilize the benefits of plastic; lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant.

  • Standard Floor
  • Full Grate
  • Three Quarters Grate
  • Half Grate
  • Replacement Hardware
  • Strainer


Endura® Plaster Trap

• Durable polypropylene construction •Inlet connection made with 1-1/2″ x 2″ MJ adapter (not included) • Easy access and maintenance • 440 lbs load-rated cover, suitable for both in-floor and on-floor installations • Maximum continuous operating temperature of 220 F • Removable outlet filter • 10 GPM and 20 GPM flow rate solutions

This unit is designed for use with inlet waste connections up to 1-1/2″ in diameter the inlet connection being made with a flexible no hub coupling (not supplied). Based on the outside diameter of the inlet/outlet these fittings will need to be either 2″ x 1 -1/2″ or 2″ x 1 -1/4″ reducing style couplings and are available from most plumbing wholesalers or DIY outlets. 

DO NOT decrease the pipe diameter across the unit – i.e. inlet vs. outlet. 

NOTE: THE ENDURA® PLASTER TRAP IS MADE OF POLYPROPYLENE WHICH WILL NOT ACCEPT SOLVENT WELD CEMENT. Based on the use of a 1½” pipe the maximum flow rate that can enter and pass through this unit is 20GPM. Unlike a grease interceptor, no flow control device is necessary in this application.

Servicing and Maintenance

Your Endura® Plaster Trap will require periodic servicing to remove accumulated material and maximize its ongoing effectiveness. This process can be achieved manually by bailing out excess water, collecting accumulated debris to a suitable container by hand for disposal/re-use, or using a suitable wet vacuum extraction unit. Alternatively, a contractor can be usually found locally who can use an industrial vacuum method to remove and dispose of the entire contents on a regular basis. Ensure that you check the outlet screen during this process and clean the filter mesh accordingly. It will be necessary to check the operation of the Plaster Trap on a weekly basis for the first 6-8 weeks following commissioning. This will allow you to assess the ongoing schedule of maintenance.

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