Schedule 40 Pipe & Fittings

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Schedule 40 Pipe and Fittings

PVC pressure pipe is the most commonly used product for water service systems. Typical uses include residential, commercial, and industrial applications as a water main or to convey water from main to house. IPEX pipes and connections for the recirculation of pool water are durable, safe and extremely long-lasting.  



A Variety of Applications

IPEX products offer simplicity of installation and long-term durability. Schedule 40 Pipe and Fittings are virtually maintenance-free and provide low energy consumption.  

Common industry applications include public and private swimming pools, sport centers, spas and aquaparks.

Schedule 40 pipe and fittings are available in diameters from ½” – 24”.


ASTM Compliant 

  • Made with PVC 1120 (Type 1, Grade 1) resin having a material cell classification of 12454 per ASTM D1784 
  • Material compliant with ANSI/NSF Standard 14 & 61 for use in potable water service 
  • Socket dimensions of belled end pipe meet the requirements of ASTM D2672 or F480

Schedule 40 products are certified to the standards shown below where marked. Well casing products meeting F480 have a minimum impact rating of IC-0, with 4”-8” having an impact rating of IC-2.

Standard  Applicable Sizes 
ASTM D1785  1/2” to 12” 
ASTM D2665  1.5” to 12” (excepting 2.5” & 5”) 
ASTM F480  2” to 12” 



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