Xirtec® CPVC Potable Water Piping System

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Xirtec® CPVC Potable Water Piping System

A Fully Certified High-Performance System

Xirtec® CPVC is a thermoplastic piping system for use in the distribution of potable (drinking) water. Pipe, fittings and valves (PVF) are manufactured in sizes 1/2” through 6” diameter using Corzan® CPVC compound, and are designed to function as a system.

Specifiers, builders, and contractors in the construction industry continue to choose Xirtec® CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) for its ability to outperform and outlast traditional metal systems. Common use applications include residential, institutional and commercial buildings.

IPEX application engineers and sales teams provide support through projects where and when it’s needed. On-site training is offered prior to installation to ensure systems are installed without issue, and a variety of technical resources, including a full suite of BIM design models, are available to assist with project build.



A Complete Potable Water Piping System

Xirtec® CPVC is a dimensionally matched system that ensures an ideal fit between pipe, fittings and valves, all offered from a single source.

The product’s rugged thicker walls, and chlorine and corrosion resistance ensure longer maintenance-free performance over time, even in demanding recirculation applications.

Flow capacity
Scaling resistance results in long term increased flow capacity over copper,  and the product’s larger inside diameter (ID) provides significantly more flow than other plastic options.


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Burning Characteristics
Xirtec® CPVC pipe and fittings are listed and labelled as having a flame spread and smoke-development values of not more than 25 and 50, respectively, when tested in general accordance with ASTM E84 or UL 723.

Impact and Corrosion Resistance
As a result of being made with Corzan® CPVC compound, Xirtec® CPVC systems have added impact strength resistance and heat deflection temperature (HDT) leading to higher durability. CPVC is also resistant to metallic corrosion.

Xirtec® is a registered trademark used under license. Xirtec® CPVC piping systems are made with Corzan® CPVC compounds. Corzan® is a registered trademark of the Lubrizol Corporation.

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Engineered and Manufactured to Strict Industry Standards

Xirtec® CPVC pipe and fittings are certified to applicable ASTM standards. All components are listed to NSF 61 for potable water applications.

IPEX CPVC pipes feature outstanding resistance to photodegradation, creep stress and immunity to oxidation. Corzan® CPVC compounds also  provide extended service and low maintenance versus common metals traditionally used in commercial plumbing systems.


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Corzan® CPVC Compound


1/2″ to 6″ Iron Pipe Size (IPS) diameters

NSF 61 (Potable Water Classification)
ASTM F1970
CAN/ULC S102.2

Potable Water Distribution Systems


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