Ultra-Pure® CPVC


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Ultra-Pure® CPVC

Light Weight and Corrosion-Resistant Pipe for Potable Water Distribution

Ultra-Pure® CPVC does not corrode or accumulate mineral deposits. It may be used for the distribution of potable water in the United States and where approved by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Ultra-Pure® CPVC meets the 25/50 flame spread and smoke development requirement for plenum applications. Ref: ICC-ES PMG-1323 in general accordance with ASTM E 84.

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Tough Pipes that Meet Tough Standards

Ultra-Pure® CPVC pipe is made with CPVC 4120 (Type IV, Grade I) resin having a cell classification of 24448 per ASTM D1784. The maximum service temperature for Ultra-Pure CPVC is 180°F (82°C), at 100psi.

Meets the requirements of FHA Use of Materials Bulletin 76.

Ultra-Pure is offered 1/2” through 2” CTS SDR-11 (Copper Tube Size).

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CPVC 4120 (Type IV, Grade I) resin

½ – 2” (13 – 51 mm)

400 PSI (2758 kPa) Working Pressure at 73°F (23°C)
100 PSI (690 kPa) Working Pressure at 180°F (82°C)

ASTM D2846
NSF listed and complies with Standard 14 and 61

Potable Water

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