Yellow 2708 Gas Pipe & Tubing



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Yellow 2708 Gas Pipe and Tubing

PE Gas Pipe and Tubing is a lightweight and flexible product for natural gas and LPG distribution systems. Designed for use with heat and electrofusion fittings, PE gas piping provides a long life of leak-free connections. Polyethylene is flexible and easy to join, requiring minimal labor to install. Benefits include strong chemical resistance and lack of susceptibility to rust, rot, or electrolysis.

PE gas pipe provides superior product quality and packaging and is approved for both natural gas and LP applications.

  • Used in natural gas and LPG distribution systems
  • Intended for outside underground installation
  • Designed to be joined with mechanical, heat, and electrofusion fittings
  • Gas pipe is offered in IPS, 3/4” through 4” in SDR-11, 1-1/4” in DR-10 and 1/2” in DR-9.3, as well as CTS,1” in SDR-11.5 and 1/2” in SDR-7
  • Available in coil lengths ranging from 100’-500’, size dependent



      Codes and Standards Compliant

  • Certified to ASTM D2513 and Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) per ANSI/NSF Standard 14
  • Made from a PE 2708 resin with a cell classification of 277373E
  • Hydrostatic design basis (HDB) of 1250 psi @ 73°F
  • Pipe uses only 100% virgin materials. No regrind
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Polyethylene (PE) 2708

SDR 11 Yellow, 100 PSI: 3/4″ – 4″ (IPS)
SDR 10 Yellow, 111 PSI: 1-1/4″ (IPS)
SDR 9.3 Yellow, 120 PSI: 1/2″ (IPS)

SDR 11.5 Yellow, 95 PSI: 1″ (CTS)
SDR 7 Yellow, 120 PSI: 1/2″ (CTS)

ASTM D2513
ASTM D3350
ASTM F1055
NSF Std. 14

Natural Gas Distribution Systems
LPG Distribution Systems

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