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System 636® CPVC

The Industry’s Only Fully Certified CPVC System for Flue Gas Venting

System 636® CPVC is a fully certified flue gas vent system consisting of pipe, fittings, cements, and accessories certified to ULC 636. 

The system is approved as a Type BH Class 11B vent and is designed for negative or positive pressure venting of gas-fired appliances with Flue Gas temperatures up to 194oF (90oC).  It offers a full range of fitting configurations, and sizes including  1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”. Coloured gray, System 636® CPVC pipe is made to Schedule 40 dimensions to be tough enough for the demands of the application.


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Full System Compatibility
The no mixing clause of ULC S636 ensures full compatibility of all System 636® pipe, fittings and cement. 

Support from CPVC Piping Experts
System 636® comes with sales, technical, code issues and training support. Our installation guide also covers critical issues including support spacing, expansion and contraction, solvent cementing procedures and special installation and terminations. 

Installer Training
IPEX offers field training from our team of experienced professionals. Book A Training for more information.

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Termination Options
Concentric vent kits allows for both exhaust and intake pipes to penetrate the roof or side wall through only one hole.

  • Molded cap with socket allows for vent screens and extensions. Cap can be mechanically fastened, allowing for quick removal and easy cleaning.
  • Integral fins prevent the cap from sitting flush to the wall, ensuring proper spacing needed for air flow.
  • Pipe-in-pipe design allows for single wall penetration resulting in fewer holes to core & seal.
  • Short branch on the Wye makes for a stronger fitting which can be installed in tighter spaces.
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System 636® CPVC

System 636® Flue Gas Venting is fully certified as a complete pipe, fittings, and cement system. The system is available in a PVC and a CPVC version.
The venting systems are approved as Type BH vents and designed for negative or positive pressure venting of gas-fired appliances.


90°C (194°F)

1-1/2 – 8″ (38 – 200 mm)

ULC S363
ULC S102.2 Flame Spread Rating 10
ULC S102.2 Smoke Developed Classification 50

Non-combustible buildings, per National Building Code (NBC) classification
Air plenums (per NBC classification)
Buildings deemed to be high-rise (by NBC classification)

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