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System 1738® PVC

The First Engineered PVC Flue Gas Venting System Certified to UL 1738

The use of plastic venting systems on gas fired water heaters, furnaces and boilers has undergone a significant change. The NFPA 54-18 and IFGC-18 Fuel Gas Codes now recognize the UL 1738 venting standard across the United States. There is a safety concern for Foam Core DWV pipe and fittings in FGV applications. Product failures have prompted the appliance manufacturers to remove cell core PVC from the appliance standards. Solid wall PVC is still permitted but were never intended to be used in FGV applications but are often chosen because they are inexpensive.

First-of-its kind, System 1738® is a system fully certified to UL 1738, consisting of pipe, fittings, termination kits, and cement manufactured to strict quality, performance, and dimensional standards.

Our PVC flue pipe is rated for a maximum flue gas temperature of 149˚F and is fully certified to the rigorous requirements of UL 1738 vent pipe standard for gas-burning appliances, Categories II and IV. 



Setting A New Standard in Venting Safety

System 1738® pipes and fittings are black in color, protecting products against UV degradation. Material type, application and temperature rating are included in the pipe print line as well as listed on the orange and black labels applied to each fitting.

A Fully Certified System

To be certified to the UL 1738 standard, System 1738 underwent extensive material and performance testing. In addition, part of the certification process included formal approval of all installation instructions and special marking and labeling requirements for FGV pipe, fittings, and cement. Meeting the UL 1738 standard ensures that System 1738 is suitable and safe for FGV applications




Easily Identifiable
Markings on pipe and fittings are required by UL 1738 standard and clearly distinguish a certified gas venting system from every day, non-certified plumbing pipe, and fittings. Look for the System 1738 label and the mark of a recognized certification agency as assurance that the venting system being used is certified.

Durable and Long-Lasting 
System 1738® is a permanent solvent welding joining system and its solvent cement has been formulated specifically for this application. IPEX cements and primers are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified. To search which products are certified and view/download their certificates, please visit the SPOT UL website.


Termination Options
Concentric vent kits allows for both exhaust and intake pipes to penetrate the roof or side wall through only one hole.

  • Molded cap with socket allows for vent screens and extensions. Cap can be mechanically fastened, allowing for quick removal and easy cleaning.
  • Integral fins prevent the cap from sitting flush to the wall, ensuring proper spacing needed for air flow.
  • Pipe-in-pipe design allows for single wall penetration resulting in fewer holes to core & seal.
  • Short branch on the Wye makes for a stronger fitting which can be installed in tighter spaces.

Low Profile Side Wall Vent Kits offer a lower profile alternative to the typical two pipe side wall snorkel termination. They include integrally molded vent screens, and the design neatly disguises both the intake and exhaust

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System 1738® PVC

System 1738® Flue Gas Venting is a system of compatible pipes, fittings, termination kits, and cement, allowing for single source product support.


2”, 3”, and 4” (50 mm, 76 mm, and 100 mm)

UL 1738 certified vent system for Categories II and IV gas burning appliances
Rated for flue gas temperatures up to 149°F (65°C)
IPEX cements and primers are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified. To search which products are certified and view/download their certificates, please visit the SPOT UL website.

Flue Gas Venting

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