Solvent Weld & Gasketed Sewer Pipe and Fittings

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Solvent Weld & Gasketed Sewer Pipe and Fittings

PVC sewer pipe and fittings are designed for the collection of domestic waste and storm water while PVC perforated sewer pipe is used for septic fields and foundation drainage.

IPEX offers solid and perforated PVC solvent weld and gasketed sewer pipe and fittings in both SDR35 and heavy wall SDR26 for use in for building drainage and sewer applications.

Manufactured to the highest standards from chemical and corrosion resistant PVC, IPEX sewer pipes are unaffected by sewer gases, sulfuric acid, or aggressive soil conditions.

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High-Performing and Long-Lasting
The life cycle of PVC sewer pipe and fittings is estimated to be more than 50 years, making it the material of choice for many construction projects.

Use of PVC sewer pipe offers many substantial benefits, including better flow capacity, fewer joints, and greater flexibility to conform to shifts and settling of unstable soil conditions without cracking, breaking, or joint re-opening.

Greater Hydraulic Efficiency
PVC has a smoother surface than traditional piping materials on the market, resulting in improved flow rates. It is also not susceptible to scale and build up which lead to blockages, ensuring a higher flow capacity over the life of the pipeline.

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Designed and Manufactured to the Highest Quality Standards

  • PVC Sewer pipe systems are SDR35 solvent weld sewer pipes manufactured to ASTM standards, and available in solid and standard perforated patterns in 4” – 8” diameter.
  • PVC gasketed sewer fittings are available in 4” – 24” diameter.
  • Molded and fabricated solvent weld sewer fittings are made from high quality PVC and are injection molded or fabricated using the most advanced technology available. There are as solid and reliable as PVC solvent weld sewer pipe.
  • Molded fittings are available in 2” – 8” diameter and fabricated in 8” – 24” diameter.
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System 636® CPVC

System 636® Flue Gas Venting is fully certified as a complete pipe, fittings, and cement system. The system is available in a PVC and a CPVC version.
The venting systems are approved as Type BH vents and designed for negative or positive pressure venting of gas-fired appliances.


90°C (194°F)

1-1/2 – 8″ (38 – 200 mm)

ULC S363
ULC S102.2 Flame Spread Rating 10
ULC S102.2 Smoke Developed Classification 50

Non-combustible buildings, per National Building Code (NBC) classification
Air plenums (per NBC classification)
Buildings deemed to be high-rise (by NBC classification)

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