Vortex Force™ Aerator for Sewer Odor and Corrosion Control



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An aerator for odour and corrosion control in sewer force main discharge, sewer wet wells, storage tanks and irrigation ponds

The Vortex Force is a specially designed aeration device that draws in and powerfully mixes air into sewage flow, transforming the anaerobic conditions that produce odors and oxidizing the HS and other odor producing compounds in the sewage flow. By dramatically increasing the dissolved oxygen (DO) content in the sewage flow, the benefits of the Vortex Force extend for a long distance downstream.


Water treatment plant


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The Vortex Force™ Aerator directs incoming flow into a drop shaft vortex channel, diffusing the flow with air. The added oxygen reduces anaerobic conditions that produce odors.
Different sizes are available for different flow rates. To operate effective, a Vortex Force™ requires a minimum 3ft drop height.

X-Small: 20 – 65 GPM
Small: 125 – 350 GPM
Medium: 350 – 1,100 GPM
Large: 1,100 – 2,600 GPM
Extra Large: 2,600 – 6,000 GMP
(For flow rates outside of the specified range, call us at 1-866-473-9462 for custom options.)

X-Small: 2” (50mm)
Small: 4” (100mm)
Medium: 8” (200mm)
Large: 12” (300mm)
Extra Large: 20” (500mm)

Sewer Force Main Discharge
Sewer Wet Wells and Storage Tanks
Irrigation Ponds
Wastewater Treatment Tanks

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