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PVC Reclaimed Water Pipe

IPEX Reclaimed (purple) PVC irrigation pipes provide an effective solution for reclaimed irrigation (rainwater, grey water) applications. The products can be used in both residential and commercial reclaimed water systems.

Systems has been developed to withstand the rigors of varied soil conditions and climates, and product installation is primarily done with use of solvent cements.


ASTM Compliant 

Manufactured using high quality raw materials and modern processing technology, as well as subject to our own rigorous quality control processes.

  • Made with PVC 1120 (Type 1, Grade 1) resin having a material cell classification of 12454 per ASTM D1784
  • Socket dimensions of belled end pipe meet the requirements of ASTM D2672
  • For gasketed IPS pressure pipe, the gasket design & materials meet ASTM D3139, ASTM F477, and NSF 61

PVC Reclaimed Irrigation (purple) pipe is offered in ½” – 4” diameter for Sch 40, 1/2” SDR 13.5, ¾” – 6” SDR-21 solvent weld. Additionally, we provide SDR-21 Gasket Joint products in 2” – 8” diameters.

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