IPS CL 63, 100 & 125 Fittings


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IPS CL 63, 100 and 125 Fittings

Recognized for durability and trouble-free performance, IPS CL 63, 100, and 125 fabricated fittings are manufactured using our industry-leading triple wall tee design. Over three decades of proven field expertise and the highest quality job site support have made these fittings the preferred industry choice nationwide. The IPS CL 63, 100, and 125 family of products meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM specifications, including D2241, D2564, D2672, D3139, and F477.

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Products serve a broad range of applications, including irrigation systems, pressure drip and sprinkler systems, dairy flush and waste effluent systems, harvested fruit and vegetable water sorting systems, fish hatchery water delivery and custom fabricated distribution systems.

Available in sizes ranging from 6” through 12”, with pressure ratings of 63, 100 & 125 PSI.


Flexible, high quality irrigations systems designed with performance in mind.

  • Available in both gasketed and solvent weld configurations
  • Engineered for longevity and maintenance-free performance
  • Meet or exceed all applicable ASTM specifications
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IPS (Iron Pipe Size) Class 63, Class 100, Class 125 Pressure PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Fittings meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards, and/or materials used in the manufacturing process meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards.


6” through 12”

63, 100 & 125 psi

ASTM D2241, D2564, D2672, D3139 and F477

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Pressure drip and sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Dairy flush and waste effluent systems
  • Custom fabricated distribution systems
  • Harvested fruit and vegetable water sorting systems
  • Fish hatchery water delivery systems

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