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Superior underground performance and chemical resistance

Xirtec® CPVC Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 piping system offers resistance to higher operating temperatures when compared to Xirtec® PVC. Xirtec® CPVC, previously known as Corzan® CPVC, continues to be manufactured using the Corzan® CPVC compound you have grown to trust, providing the performance you expect in demanding industrial projects.



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product overview

IPEX high-performance vinyl systems feature outstanding resistance to photodegradation, creep stress, and immunity to oxidation, and are exceptionally suited for use with a wide range of acids, alcohols, salts, and halogens. The perfect extended service, low maintenance alternative to common and exotic metal systems used in applications such as:

  •  Plant chemical distribution lines
  • Acid systems for refineries, pickling lines, and plating shops
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Cooling water and cooling tower systems
  • Brine and seawater systems
  • Water and Wastewater (Pressure and non-pressure)
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  • Extended life with low maintenance
  • Operating temperature range up to 200°F pressure
  • Lower Installation Costs, readily available, and Easy to Handle compared to alloys and lined steel
  • Excellent impact and chemical resistance

*With energy conservation a prime concern, you can rely on the fact that IPEX’s manufacturing process for Xirtec® piping materials requires less than half the energy needed to produce the equivalent size of carbon steel or steel alloy materials.

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The specification section covers the details you need for your projects.

  • CPVC Schedule 40 pipe from 1/2″ to 16″
  • CPVC Schedule 80 pipe and fittings from 1/2″ to 16″



All CPVC Schedule 80 pipes shall conform to ASTM F441/F441M and be third-party certified to NSF 14. All CPVC Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipes from 1/2″ to 8″ shall be made with Corzan®.

CPVC compound with a minimum cell classification of 24448. Socket dimensions of belled end pipe comply with ASTM D2672.

CPVC Schedule 80 socket fittings shall conform to ASTM F439 and Schedule 80 threaded fittings shall conform to ASTM F437. All fittings must be third-party certified to NSF 14. All CPVC Schedule 40 and 80 pipe and fittings shall be made from a 4000psi HDB PPI rated compound.

CPVC fittings shall be molded or fabricated from a CPVC compound that is compatible with the pipe material. Only IPEX CPVC Schedule 80 pipe shall be threaded and the pressure rating shall be reduced by 50%. All pipe, fittings, and valves shall be compatible, produced using Corzan® compound, and produced by one manufacturer as supplied by IPEX.

Xirtec® is a registered trademark used under license.
Xirtec® CPVC piping systems are made with Corzan® CPVC compound.
Corzan® is a registered trademark of the Lubrizol Corporation.

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