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Silver-Line Plastics is now IPEX

Exciting times are upon us as Silver-Line Plastics undergoes a rebrand to become IPEX in the coming months. As our products sell through, you’ll notice the shift to the IPEX brand on pipes, packaging, and Lowe’s website. While our visual identity gets a refresh, rest assured our commitment to product excellence, superior quality, US manufacturing and distribution remains unwavering.

With over 50 years of industry leadership, IPEX is renowned for its extensive range of thermoplastic integrated pipe and fittings. We’re thrilled to continue our successful partnership with Lowe’s, driving growth and innovation into the future. Welcome to the next chapter with IPEX!

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Job Lot Quantities

  • All IPEX pipes are available in job-lot quantities to help PROs get their next big job done quickly

  • Help the PRO focus on the work and not all the logistics. IPEX products are perfect for jobsite delivery

  • PROs can benefit with faster lead times when partnering with IPEX
  • Bulk Buying

  • Recommend PROs buy IPEX pipe in bulk to benefit from Lowe’s bulk savings program

  • PROs can save 20% when purchasing 8 or more IPEX pipes
  • Made in America

  • 77% of PROs we surveyed like to buy or go out of their way to buy PVC pipe and fittings made in the USA*

    (source – IPEX path to purchase study August 2023)

  • IPEX has 15 manufacturing distribution sites across the USA to help ensure Lowe’s stores are always in stock
  • IPEX Manufacturing Distribution Sites
    Pinned locations of all IPEX manufacturing distribution sites in USA

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