Our products are the safest, longest-lasting, and most environmentally responsible choice

IPEX products are made from materials with a proven track record of longevity, safety, and minimal carbon footprint. We are constantly innovating to further improve our environmental impact by using post-industrial recycled materials and minimizing raw materials needed in our products.

Enviro-Tite cross section

Enviro-Tite Pipe

Engineered with 50% recycled material content

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Bionax PVCO Pipe

Bionax® PVCO Pipe

Light weight, increased impact strength and reduced pumping costs

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PVC life cycle

PVC Life Cycle Assessment

Comparative sustainability analysis of PVC pipe materials

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Irrigation in Field of growing potatoes

PVC is the Sustainable Choice

Independently reviewed studies demonstrate that PVC has a much lower carbon footprint than competitor pipe materials including concrete and ductile iron. PVC is much longer lasting, requires far less energy at every stage of production, is fully recyclable up to eight times, and is the only material to back up its environmental claims with independently reviewed data. Read more about PVC sustainability compared to competitor materials.

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Bionax PVCO production

IPEX Eco-Innovation

Our products lead the field in sustainability-focused innovation. Enviro-Tite pipe uses post-industrial recycled vinyl recovered from factories and building sites. Bionax pipe uses 40% less material than competitors while delivering superior performance. NovaForm enables rehabilitation of existing pipe infrastructure, conserving energy and resources and minimizing environmental disruption.

pvc comparison to alternate materials

How PVC Compares

PVC has been proven to last over 100 years. Alternative materials are most likely to break after 20-40 years. Learn how PVC stacks up to competitor materials on environmental attributes.


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