Graduate Stories: Laure-Anne Larose

Laure-Anne Larose headshot

Laure-Anne Larose

Former AIT / Product Specialist for hot- and cold-water products in the IPEX Product Management team


What is your current role at IPEX? 

My role consists of managing all aspects of the AquaRise® and Xirtec® CPVC Potable Water product lines. This includes leading a cross-functional team for new product development and strategic planning, as well as conducting product training and providing product support. 

What is the most significant learning you’ve received from the program? 

The most significant learning I’ve received is the importance of building relationships. As you move through the different placements of the program, the rotational framework provides opportunities to meet people from across the organization as well as work with – and be a part of – various departments. This allows you to build professional relationships with individuals who can help you develop skills and knowledge, further your career, and even make it easier to navigate multi-departmental tasks in your future roles.   

How has the program helped you to achieve your goals? 

The program offered me the opportunity to try various roles in the manufacturing industry and to find what I liked and didn’t like. Each rotation helped me identify at least one element that I would want in a role and helped me realize that, regardless of the department or role, I wanted a role that utilized my engineering background and allowed me to work on complex projects and have customer interactions. At the end of my rotations, I was offered a position that I knew I could excel in and enjoy! 

What advice would you give to someone who has just enrolled in the program? 

Keep an open mind, remain flexible and don’t fixate on a specific role or title. You never know what you might learn about yourself, who you might meet or what opportunities might open up to you along the way. Focus on doing your best in each rotation, learn all about the company’s operations and use this as an opportunity to build new skills and relationships – you will quickly become an asset to any department!  

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