Graduate Stories: Brent Coutts

Brent Coutts Headshot

Brent Coutts

Former AIT – Process Specialist, Extrusion


What is your current role at IPEX? 

My main project right now is to produce standard operating procedures (SOPs) and troubleshooting documents for our pipe belling equipment. I also spend time analyzing and suggesting process/safety improvements within the plant.  

What is the most significant learning you’ve received from the program? 

An insight into how each department functions. Many projects require cross-departmental coordination, and understanding which information and tasks are pertinent to each department helps you ensure that everything’s progressing in unison.  

How has the program helped you to achieve your goals? 

The program has given me an excellent introduction to some of the roles that an engineer could pursue with IPEX. I know that the variety of skills I’ve learned during my three rotations will help me to be more successful in my full-time placement. 

What advice would you give to someone who has just enrolled in the program? 

Try and do a plant rotation if possible. The basis of our business is physically producing pipe and fittings products, and seeing and troubleshooting the machines in person is the fastest way to learn. Also, make sure to speak with other AITs and other departments. Everyone is very friendly and happy to discuss what they do. This will help you pick your best full-time position. 

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